I started V-Twins for Vets for one simple purpose: to provide veterans with an abundance of resources for joining the world of Harley-Davidson.

I am sure plenty of people are wondering, why? Many veterans already ride Harleys, a lot of veterans have owned Harleys, and every veteran knows about Harley-Davidson. Totally true, I am not here to provide another repetive reiteration of why veterans purchase harleys or to explain what is Harley-Davidson, its 2019 and google exists.

I created www.vtwinsforveterans.com to provide a single website which can provide veterans with the information on how to either join or re-enter the world of Harley-Davidson. The goal is to publish articles that will help veterans in their HD journey by discussing veteran-friendly financing options, pro-veteran motorcycle companies, and other aspects of the motorcylce community that can positively impact the veteran community.

The plan is to publish weekly articles which can help you, or others, better enjoy the world of HD. I am hope to cover a lot of different aspects of the motorcycle community, from gear reviews, to inspecting a used Harley. Subscribe if you want to recieve notifcations on when a new article is published, or feel free to e-mail me a topic you would like discussed. There is no catch, I just want to provide others with the resources to enjoy the world of HD as much as I have.