Let's be honest, building your dream Harley, or even fixing your daily rider, can sometimes be expensive. While a discount usually covers taxes and maybe a little more, anything helps in today's economy, right?

The whole purpose behind this page is to provide veterans with a list of veteran-friendly motorcycle companies. I will be continuously adding to it; if you either know of a veteran-friendly business or work/own a veteran-friendly motorcycle company, send me a message at vtwinsforveterans@gmail.com with the name and link and I will make sure I add it to the list. While there is a plethora of motorcycle companies that support the veteran and military community, not all of them can offer military discounts and that's no sweat, everybody has to put dinner on the table. Nevertheless, this page just highlights the ones that do, so you can save a little while building that used FXR4 you just bought.

Also, some Harley-Davidson Dealers offer military discounts. I have noticed it is kind of a hit or miss discount, but I have been able to receive it at a couple dealers on the West Coast.

Oh, and I will be sure to make a post for all veterans' day deals when that comes around!

Until then, I hope this helps.


Companies - discount - how to get it

2Wheel - Call 1-844-761-2040

Baker Drivetrain - 10% - Verify through the Baker Drivetrain link

Bike Bandit - Call 1-888-339-3888

Corbin Seats - 10% - Call 1-800-538-7035

Cycle Gear - 10% - Call 1-800-292-5343

Dragonfly Cycle Concepts - 10% - Email info@dragonflyconcepts.com

J&P Cycles - Free Shipping - Call 1-800-318-4823

Kuryakyn - 10% - Code: SERVE10

Rekluse Clutch Systems - Call 1-208-426-0659

West-Coast T-Bars - Call 1-510-316-8381

**V-Twins for Veterans has no affiliation with any of the listed companies, nor do they speak on behalf of them.**

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