As I begin to set-up this site, my wife asked me why am I spending my few precious moments off work, working? As I sat there drinking my morning coffee, I stopped to actually think about it. I usually have one, maybe two, days off work; the house needed to be cleaned, I needed to update our budget, wash the dogs, clean out the car, plus find time to ride my Dyna. So why was I so intent on developing V-Twins for Veterans?

After separating from the military, I noticed a few things. First, life was definitely different; I was finally experiencing the dreaded 9-5 job. Second, as the years passed, the people I had considered life-long friends, the individuals I had worked with, served with, and deployed with, were slowly fading out of my life. This wasn't by choice, people just take different life paths. Some of my closest friends re-enlisted, others went back home. Life continues--regardless of friendships.

Now I still talk to a couple really close friends, despite our different geolocations. By this point, I am assuming we will probably stay close for quite some time. However,  after separating, I found it difficult to make friends or even riding companions. I was always told that you would never develop relationships like the ones you developed while serving; that statement has ultimately been true.

So why am I creating V-Twins for Veterans? Simply to bring the joy of Harley-Davidson to more of the veteran community. Despite all of the drastic changes that have occurred in my life after separating, I have always been able to turn to riding to clear my mind. Wind therapy has helped with the stresses of both the military and civilian worlds. When I felt lost after separating from the military, I was able to turn to the motorcycle community for a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood.

While I have rode a variety of motorcycles (Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Ducati, BMW, etc.), nothing has invigorated my soul like riding my Dyna down the Pacific Coast Highway. Even in my darkest moments, I can hop on my Dyna and the world seems to just fade; I can clear my head, gain some perspective, and realign myself. I am not alone; many veterans claim that riding motorcycles helps them cope with their mental disorders (i.e. - PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and Adjustment Disorder). Some of my closest friends and I can vouch for this. Wind therapy is real, and finding another community that you can discuss your issues with is an added bonus.

I know that many vets already ride motorcycles, but that's not the case for others. The goal for V-Twins for Veterans isn't to provide veterans with Harley-Davidsons, but to provide them with the necessary information to help them enter the world of Harley-Davidson. While topics such as: finding the right motorcycle, financing or purchasing a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, pro-veteran motorcycle companies, and learning to ride a motorcycle will all be discussed, I am also hoping to build a community for veterans to discuss their issues. If you are a newly separated veteran and are looking to find a community to fill that void, I am hoping to help. The world of Harley-Davidson has undoubtedly saved my life (and possibly almost ended a couple of times...we will discuss this later), as it has given me a community, something I felt has been missing since my military days.

I am hoping all veterans can utilize V-Twins for Veterans for one reason or another. If you need to just find some information on pro-veteran motorcycle companies or if you are looking for some help in other areas, V-Twins for Veterans is here.

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